No Nonsense Pianoforall Review


Pianoforall Review by a Piano Teacher – Final!


I am writing this review because I’m tired of reading all the nonsense video and article reviews floating all over the Internet and YouTube today.

It looks like there are plenty of people out there (no offence please) who have never played a musical instrument before (not to mention piano or keyboard) who are actually writing about a home study system they’ve never tried. Funny… isn’t it?

I have played piano and keyboard over 30 years now and I’ve been a teacher for about 12.

It really makes me sad when I read something like “pianoforall scam” or “pianoforall shocking review” (what’s so shocking about a piano course anyway???) and so on, and so on… So I decided to buy this piano course myself and try it out and make a better review.

Now that I have gone through the basic level before I wrote this review, I’ve got the picture of what you can possibly achieve. Notice that I have not tried the whole system but If you want to learn more, please subscribe to my channel and send me a message. If there are many people interested I’ll go through the whole thing and make another review or a video about it.

So here are the pros and cons:


* This piano/keyboard learning course is made for a wide audience including people who don’t have any knowledge about Music

* Starts with a very understandable piano lessons for beginners to achieve some basic playing technique

* The chord lessons are giving a good foundation to play easy songs

* You don’t have to read musical notes (I don’t like it but…)

* You’ll have a lot of fun learning to play the piano

* The author of Piano For All – Robin Hall is obviously an excellent teacher himself

* He answers support emails personally (great value)

And now something you probably didn’t know. All the testimonials you’ll see on the Official Site are verifiable! Yes… what I’m trying to say here is that you can send and request the email address of each and every person who actually wrote a testimonial and ask them questions…

I have no knowledge of any other website on the Internet that lets you ask their customers to verify their testimonials… now… tell me how good is that? It’s not strange people trust Pianoforall.


* This course will help you on your way to learn to play the piano, but to become the next Richard Clayderman, you need to dedicate years of hard work and take additional lessons with a good piano teacher (you can take my word on that)

* You will never know if you’re playing thins the right or the wrong way without having somebody to show you how to do it properly (well… you’ll need again a piano/keyboard teacher for that… don’t you agree?)

* The piano music is rather old and maybe not so exciting but that makes Pianoforall cheaper because of royalty rights (anyway, it does not affect the quality of learning)



Robin Hall’s piano method is well written well structured and made of small manageable parts a beginner may comprehend and execute watching the videos, reading the transcripts and listening to the audio.

You need to give it your full attention and practice at least half an hour and upwards EVERY DAY… NO EXCUSES…if not you`ll struggle to play and it`ll not be fun anymore!!!

When you practice for a while you will notice that some techniques are almost or completely impossible to achieve on your own without some help, and that’s where the need for a good piano teacher comes in…

Finally you can learn to play piano in the comfort of your own home to a level where you may enjoy most pop, rock, blues or country songs. Well isn’t that a great achievement and a fantastic hobby for anybody at any age? Pianoforall is a gift to mankind in my opinion!

CLICK HERE to get your own copy of this high quality home study piano course!

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