Easy Piano Lessons?

Easy Piano Lessons


I’ve told you that pianoforall does not work in the same fashion as traditional piano lessons, but what makes these  lessons so easy?

Well, to start things out with a BANG the student learns rhythm. And I’m not talking about scales or old-fashioned songs that have expired copyrights.

The course gets past that boring, outdated method of teaching. It includes many tunes that are beautiful and fun to play.

These tuts quickly give you the tools you need so that you can begin to play whichever musical genre you prefer.

It isn’t fun to focus on old folk tunes when you really want to understand how to play the blues! ‘Rhythm Style’ Piano (like the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Coldplay etc), are the first set of tutorials you will receive.

These non-boring classics will take you by the hand through every chord and rhythm you’ll ever need. Once you master the basics, the lessons add new riffs, patterns, extended chords, inversions, harmony.

Many other piano courses on the market save chords for later on in the series, but Robin knows that they are essential to learning how to play the piano and the tunes you love.

All this includes the “tricks” of our easy- memorization techniques, formulas, and Robin’s signature ‘bluffs’ to speed up the piano learning process.

You’ll learn how to sight read quickly and easily, and there are tutorials specifically designed to teach you how to learn piano faster.

This system gives you the tools you need to begin learning how to play, and continue improving your skills on your own. From classical music to jazz standards, you’ll be learning and playing it all while having a ball!

These piano tutorials teach you what you need to know so you can play what you want to play!

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