No Nonsense Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall Review by a Piano Teacher – Final!

Pianoforall review

I am writing this review because I’m tired of reading all the nonsense video and article reviews floating all over the Internet and YouTube today.

It looks like there are plenty of people out there (no offence please) who have never played a musical instrument before (not to mention piano or keyboard) who are actually writing about a home study system they’ve never tried. Funny… isn’t it?

I have played piano and keyboard over 30 years now and I’ve been a teacher for about 12.

It really makes me sad when I read something like “pianoforall scam” or “pianoforall shocking review” (what’s so shocking about a piano course anyway???) and so on, and so on… So I decided to buy this piano course myself and try it out and make a better review.

Now that I have gone through the basic level before I wrote this review, I’ve got the picture of what you can possibly achieve. Notice that I have not tried the whole system but If you want to learn more, please subscribe to my channel and send me a message. If there are many people interested I’ll go through the whole thing and make another review or a video about it.

So here are the pros and cons:


* This piano/keyboard learning course is made for a wide audience including people who don’t have any knowledge about Music

* Starts with a very understandable piano lessons for beginners to achieve some basic playing technique

* The chord lessons are giving a good foundation to play easy songs

* You don’t have to read musical notes (I don’t like it but…)

* You’ll have a lot of fun learning to play the piano

* The author of Piano For All – Robin Hall is obviously an excellent teacher himself

* He answers support emails personally (great value)

And now something you probably didn’t know. All the testimonials you’ll see on the Official Site are verifiable! Yes… what I’m trying to say here is that you can send and request the email address of each and every person who actually wrote a testimonial and ask them questions…

I have no knowledge of any other website on the Internet that lets you ask their customers to verify their testimonials… now… tell me how good is that? It’s not strange people trust Pianoforall.


* This course will help you on your way to learn to play the piano, but to become the next Richard Clayderman, you need to dedicate years of hard work and take additional lessons with a good piano teacher (you can take my word on that)

* You will never know if you’re playing thins the right or the wrong way without having somebody to show you how to do it properly (well… you’ll need again a piano/keyboard teacher for that… don’t you agree?)

* The piano music is rather old and maybe not so exciting but that makes Pianoforall cheaper because of royalty rights (anyway, it does not affect the quality of learning)



Robin Hall’s piano method is well written well structured and made of small manageable parts a beginner may comprehend and execute watching the videos, reading the transcripts and listening to the audio.

You need to give it your full attention and practice at least half an hour and upwards EVERY DAY… NO EXCUSES…if not you`ll struggle to play and it`ll not be fun anymore!!!

When you practice for a while you will notice that some techniques are almost or completely impossible to achieve on your own without some help, and that’s where the need for a good piano teacher comes in…

Finally you can learn to play piano in the comfort of your own home to a level where you may enjoy most pop, rock, blues or country songs. Well isn’t that a great achievement and a fantastic hobby for anybody at any age? Pianoforall is a gift to mankind in my opinion!

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Pianoforall Review

Pianoforall is one of the most trusted audio/video piano lesson courses on the market. Just looking at the testimonial pages should have you certain that it is the best way to learn the piano or learn the keyboard online. Here is an unbiased pianoforall review from one of their customers:

“It is hands down the best audio/video piano course for those who want to learn the keyboard”. You start by learning rhythm techniques and chord based music styles. This allows you to begin learning songs quicker and then gradually expand into Ballad style, Blues, Jazz, Ragtime, and Improvisation. With this piano learning system you get 10 books and 200 Video piano lessons with in-depth verbal piano instruction. Also, embedded directly in the eBooks, there are over 500 sound files that cut your learning time in half.

Pianoforall Review

This is a self-contained system. For instance, each book gives you the option to click on audio or video samples and instantly hear or see the lesson you’re learning. Than printout the pages you want to use for piano playing.

pianoforall review

You also get great support with this method. Robin Hall, creator and certified piano teacher, provides excellent support for his students. So if you have any questions about the product, or just about other piano learning issues. He will respond to you personally.

The piano method is available in easy payment options. You can order one book at a time, or choose to have the whole course on a CD-ROM. For a low price, you get a wide variety of learning tools, and you can download it so you can start immediately. It comes with a 100% 60 day guarantee or your money back.

With any purchase, you get a FREE bonus eBook that teaches how to increase your creativity. This course gives you a solid chord foundation with real sounding rhythms, patterns and chord embellishments. Then it teaches you to play by ear and sight read along the way.

One last thing I’d like to mention in this pianoforall review is that throughout this method you get highly motivated to learn and play more, and this is one of the best ways to learn. This is one of the best and most comprehensive courses I’ve seen, where you can learn piano in a short time.”

Still not convinced? Check out the other testimonials and email one of the many satisfied customers.


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Easy Piano Lessons?

pianoforall piano lessons

I’ve told you that pianoforall does not work in the same fashion as traditional piano lessons, but what makes these piano lessons so easy?

Well, to start things out with a BANG the student learns rhythm. And I’m not talking about scales or old-fashioned songs that have expired copyrights.

The course gets past that boring, outdated method of teaching the piano. It includes many tunes that are beautiful and fun to play.

These lessons quickly give you the tools you need so that you can begin to play whichever musical genre you prefer.

It isn’t fun to focus on old folk tunes when you really want to understand how to play the blues! ‘Rhythm Style’ Piano (like the Beatles, Elton John, Billy Joel, Coldplay etc), are the first set of tutorials you will receive.

These non-boring classics will take you lesson after lesson through every chord and rhythm you’ll ever need. Once you master the basics, the lessons add new riffs, patterns, extended chords, inversions, harmony.

Many other piano courses on the market save chords for later on in the series, but Robin knows that they are essential to learning how to play the piano and the tunes you love.

All this includes the “tricks” of our easy- memorization techniques, formulas, and Robin’s signature ‘bluffs’ to speed up the piano learning process.

You’ll learn how to sight read quickly and easily, and there are tutorials specifically designed to teach you how to learn piano faster.

This system gives you the tools you need to begin learning how to play, and continue improving your skills on your own. From classical music to jazz standards, you’ll be learning and playing it all while having a ball!

These piano lessons teach you what you need to know so you can play what you want to play!

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What are the benefits of Pianoforall?

Many of us remember dreaded childhood piano lessons when Pianoforall was not available and others of us have always wished we could simply play a little Beethoven. Whether you’re a novice or a master with rusty fingers, Pianoforall is the simple, fast, and easy way to learn how to play the piano! These easy piano lessons are targeted to any lover of music.

What is Pianoforall?

Traditional piano instruction generally begins with the aim for students to learn how to sight read. As a seasoned piano teacher, Robin Hall came to realize that “sight” reading is not only an unnecessarily difficult process, but one that leads to little musical skill. Traditional “sight readers” gain little skill in playing music by ear or composing. Think of “sight reading” as a worker in a factory with one function: to perform.

The Pianoforall method!

This method helps the pianist become a music engineer, not just a cog in the machine. You build a solid foundation using chords, ‘real’ sounding rhythms, patterns, riffs and chord embellishments. With those basics you can learn to play by ear, and by default, sight read.

Get the facts about Pianoforall

But what makes this piano course different than other products on the market? Well for starters, it’s a lot cheaper that most audio/video piano courses. For only $39.95, you get a teach-at-home program with a support network delivered straight to your door, or if you chose, instantly downloaded to your computer. Robin is always available for his students. Don’t believe it? Email him right now and see how fast he responds. The program also works well for either the traditional piano or a keyboard. Pianoforall offers a quick way to learn a time-honored instrument at your own pace-and trust me, you will learn in no time. Just look at the testimonials page and email one of all the satisfied customers if you’d like. They’ll tell you that pianoforall reviews aren’t fabricated! Buyers love it because this piano course WORKS!

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